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Calculation of loads, strength
and thermal elasticity online

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What kind of cases can be calculated by the service?

Calculate the strength of the model under various loads.
Calculate the thermoelastisity of the model.
Calculate modal frequencies and forms of vibrations of the model.

Simple to use and understand

Prove.Design simulation process allows you to view and test instantly structural performance alternatives in order to reach your design goals

3D Import
The 3D model is imported into the service, a special table specifies the material from which the model is made (you can select from the library), what forces act on it. The computational grid will be built automatically.
Mode selection
You can select static load, heated load, or modal analysis.
The output will be a model, on which the points of minimum and maximum load and deformation of the model will be visible.

How does it works?

Prove.Design is a cloud service for constructors, which helps calculate the strength of the designed model.
All you need to use it is 3D model created in one of the popular CAD packages

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