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The simulation streamlined process offered by Prove.Design enables you to better understand structural performance (displacements and stresses) of your designs allowing you to evaluate the impact of design changes and to make smarter design decisions based on performance. Prove.Design is not designed to replace your analyst's CAE tool for final design validation but is intended to support your design process and its associated decisions. The current capabilities are limited to analysis of single components and simple assemblies. The assemblies supported are limited to a single material and bonded contact where parts meet. We are actively working on expanding the range of assembly support while retaining the straightforward simulation streamlined process. The simulation streamlined process is designed to enable smarter design decisions by designers and is not aimed at simulation experts. The best place to start is by reviewing the tutorials and live examples to understand how Prove.Design makes structural analysis accessible for Designers. Once you have reviewed the tutorials and live examples you may wish to sign up for the $30 plan to investigate structural analysis of your designs. Prove.Design "has created a simulation streamlined processto minimize the required knowledge of structural analysis. The process is straightforward and is outlined in a clear tutorial 'Understanding the simulation streamlined process . The streamlined process includes smart automation based on project settings to allow for automation of standard operations. The process has simple steps:
  1. Create task (uploads model, creates mesh and sets material properties based on project defaults)
  2. Define boundary conditions (loads and constraints)
  3. Run calculation
  4. Review results
The terms and information used are clearly outlinedin the Understanding simulation terms tutorial.
Other cloud-based simulation tools are just that cloud-based simulation giving simulation specialists access to on-demand capabilities. Prove.Design focus on providing structural analysis streamlined for everybody involved with design, focusing on the needs of non-simulation specialists. Simulation streamlined for design includes:
  1. A straightforward simulation process to make simulation easily accessible
  2. Straight-forward upload of geometry in STEPand other formats
  3. Clear tutorials on the Understanding simulation terms and Understanding the simulation streamlined process to minimize your learning curve
  4. A simple pre-paid usage model that ensures your cost will not exceed your budget
  5. Reliability based on proven and fully supported commercial Finite Element software from Fidesys
Prove.Design takes the guess work out of cost for running structural analysis in the cloud. You select the level of activity similar to a prepaid phone model. The higher the commitment the more resources available and the better the effective rate. You can find detailed information about the pricing model on the Profile page. Getting started with Prove.Design is very easy. Start by reviewing the tutorials to Understanding the simulation streamlined process and the simulation terminology. You can then start working on your design projects. Go here to sign up and create an account. There is no software to install. Prove.Design supports web browser based structural analysis and results visualizationleveraging the cloud. Prove.Design allows you to upload STEP and other files.STEP is the preferred format. You can define projects and share them with other registered users of Prove.Design. Each user that you add to a project is assigned an access level for the analysis tasks in the project as follows: A tutorial is provided describing a step by step process for collaborating on a project. In addition to project collaboration you can also generate an HTML report and then share the images of interest with non Prove.Design users or for reports.